Berkness Swiss Capabilities

Berkness Swiss is a top provider of CNC precision machining services in Minnesota, dedicated to providing customers with top-quality products, cost-effective pricing, and unrivaled service.

We provide high precision CNC machining of components, tools, and other products for different industries. Our company is capable of the highest quality turnings of different materials. From .125” OD bar feed sizes to 8” chucked materials, customers can trust that our CNC Swiss machining services will deliver quality results at low prices.

Gaining quick access to essential components is important in meeting your production schedules and making your clients happy. At Berkness Swiss, we make the Swiss precision machining products you need for your operation easily available. You can now order parts online to save more time and money.

We stand behind the precision Swiss products that we offer. We take pride in providing innovative solutions to your machining and turning needs. If you’re looking for affordable machining services in Minnesota, then you’ve found the right place. Tell us what you need and we will create it to your specifications. We look forward to working with you. Call us today to get started.

Some of our equipment includes:

Same as the KSI SM20, the KSI SQC20 we offer is a 7-axis, Swiss-type lathe with a capacity of up to 20 mm. This model is the heaviest and most feature-packed in the Swiss-type class, with a design that makes set up and tool change easy.

This 7-axis, Swiss-type lathe has a capacity of up to 32mm and is regarded for its impressive brain and brawn power.

Our KSI SQC38 is a 7-axis, Swiss-type lathe is the same as others in the SQC series, but this one comes with a capacity of up to 38mm. Units in the SQC class come with a robust base casting and tool stand, making them rigid and thermally stable.

The Nakamura-Tome TW20 is a twin spindle CNC lathe with bar load capacity of up to 2" and chuck capacity of 8". This unit is very easy to use and is incapable of crashing turrets.

PUMA MX 2500
The Puma MX 2500 has a chuck capacity of 8" and is one of the most trusted metal working machine when it comes to horizontal turning and machining.

capabilitiespage-shopInspection Equipment:

  • Smart Scope
  • Optical Comparator
  • Surface Finish Tester
  • 36x48 Surface Plate

Secondary Operations:

  • Bridgeport Mills
  • Hardinge Lathes

Trust Berkness Swiss to provide quality products and services when it comes to precision CNC machining in Minnesota. Get in touch with us today and find out more about our capabilities.