Why Swiss


S2 Sub SpindleSwiss products are known for their quality and precision, both in terms of make and usage. Whether it is small or large equipment, you know a great deal of craftsmanship has been put into it if it was machined using Swiss technology.

This is where our Swiss-type lathes shine. Our Swiss turning machines give you higher quality products without the high cost of production that often comes with traditional screw machines.  Our equipment can hold more precise tolerances with fewer operations for machining small, complex parts.

The Swiss turning machine we have features nine live tools that allows for numerous programming possibilities, including a live cross, end drilling, milling, and tapping. It also has two spindles that let it work on two separate parts simultaneously, reducing processing time in parts that typically call for multiple secondary operations.

Another great thing about our lathes is that it can produce parts with a long length-to-diameter ratio. The shorter time for setting up the machine and changing the tools, as well as the elimination of secondary operations allows us to respond quicker during critical lead times.

Our solutions are perfect for complex jobs that require numerous operations. We can manufacture complex components for the most demanding markets, including the aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, and telecommunication sectors.